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8 years of selling to only half of our retail consumer market; with a reputation quickly developing, a faithful client prompted me with the proposal of diversifying. She simply stated "would you come and clean out my husband's closet, elevate his look, and simplify his life?" I caught my self hesitating at undertaking this completely new task, but also at the idea of a new business venture. I thought to myself and then responded "gladly!"

I made an appointment with him and told him my hourly rate and proceeded. At this point I thought, well great I am going to monetize from my time and expertise as a stylist, but how will I make money on the clothes he purchases, after I filtered 2/3rds of his closet? From that moment forward I realized I had a new calling and I would begin my journey into menswear.

After doing some research on companies that would compliment my Worth New York styling business I came across J.Hilburn, a made-to-measure luxury menswear brand sold at the best prices. Jumping right into it, signing on to their styling team, and completing the necessary training I stand ready to tackle the menswear industry.

It gets better, appointments are geared around your time and I come to you where you can see the current collection. Finding the right stylists you gel with can take time, but I can guarantee that I have something to offer you. For more information or an appointment you can email me at info@biancagabay.com or book an appointment directly through my website.

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