Mastering the art of layering..

Jewelry- it's every girls obsession...

People often ask me about the "rules" of jewelry stacking and really there are no known rules, however I feel that these are great standards to go by.

These days, I'm digging the whole "more is chic" and the rules that once were are no longer. Let's face it, I am mildly obsessed with jewelry. Most days you can find me layering rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings (especially with the ear cuff craze). The days that I go heavy with earrings, and choose a larger main one, I go lighter on the rings and necklaces. Although more is in, there still needs to be a balance.


I love to mix metals like Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver and Diamonds. I also like the idea of different lengths and chain styles. I usually start with a 16" necklace to act more as the choker, and then an 18" or 20". It makes the necklaces look more interesting and helps them to not get as tangled.


Today, I wore a longer rainbow drop earring, so went with more delicate necklaces

Earrings are where it's at these days. What is great about them is that you don't need to have as many holes in your ear as I have to wear them. Many stores and designers make slide on cuffs that will give you the same look as I am wearing. Each ear also does not have to match. One ear can have 1 earring, while the other has 5.


Diamonds and gold are a girls best friend

What makes a fresh manicure even better? Stacked rings of course! When I wear chunkier rings, I also like to add single delicate bands with them. Chunky rings on every finger would be bulky and uncomfortable to wear. A great buy (if you do not already have) is the midi ring. It looks chic on the middle portion of your finger, and often can be worn as a pinky ring as well. I usually stack rings on my right hand, as on my left hand is my wedding ring and band.

In the words of Jada Pinkett Smith, "If I had my way, I'd wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else." Yes girl...yes

Still trying to figure out how to rock your pieces? My tip: put a bunch on and go!

♥ Shoes: Cole Haan

♥ Sun Glasses: Ray Ban

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