My Wardrobe Essentials...

Getting dressed everyday can sometimes be a challenge. We are always looking to change up an outfit so that it doesn't look like the one we wore the week before. The average person only wears 20% of their closet.

You always hear about the classic white button down, or the classic black dress, but what about a classic denim jacket, or a classic bootie? Classic timeless pieces are where to invest your money, rather than on trend pieces. They are called trends for a reason so they come and go, but the classic pieces that your mother or grandmother wore are the items you will want to invest the most in- as these are the pieces that will carry you through your life, and if cared for properly, will be pieces you can pass down to your children.

Here are my Essentials..

1. A Leather Jacket

Living in Miami, it may not seem like the number one essential for my list, but with the right leather jacket, you can add something fun to an elegant dress or pant suit. It can be your jacket for a cold Winter day or if you live somewhere cold it can be a layering piece under your winter coat. I also love to throw a heavy wrap over my leather jacket.

2. White Tee

Yes I know, another one you've heard of 10 times over, but this ladies is a must! Theres just something so perfect about the pairing of denim jeans and a white tee. When you find the one you love, I suggest buying a few and either saving them for when the one in rotation starts to change color, or rotate among them all at once. A little tip? Wash your white Tee only with whites and add a touch of "splashless bleach" to keep it looking fresh.

3. Classic Bag

This is where I think you should really put your money to work. I truly believe in the value of a Designer bag. They are made beautifully, can be repaired by many stores who sell them to you and you will definitely get your moneys worth if you buy correctly. Bags like Hermes, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Coach are bags that will carry you through your life, passed down and resold if you find yourself not using it.

4. Mules

Mules have really made a comeback, but did they ever really go away? Im an '84 baby and believe it or not this is the shoe of the year, which totally makes sense why I love them. You can find them at every price point, fabric, and heel height. You can use a flat mule, a kitten heel or a high one to finish off your outfit. They are always chic and work with many varieties of outfits.

5. Leopard

Leopard is a print that has been around forever. For me it is just another neutral and one of the few prints that I actually wear. It has been represented by some of the most elegant powerful women in history. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Jackie Kennedy, Diane Von Furstenburg, and Edie Sedgwick to name a few. It is a powerful statement, bold and sexy but also very simple and chic. You can go as a simple as a leopard blouse or a leopard scarf if the print is slightly too bold for you.

6. Booties

Booties are a great alternative to higher boots especially for those who do not live in cold climates. They can be found in all heel heights, but I personally love a kitten heel bootie as it is more wearable.

7. Denim Jeans

This is something that is already in every woman's closet so I know we all agree on this one. Lately I have been loving mid-rise ones that have less stretch in them. But from the skinny, to the straight leg, boyfriend, or flare, jeans are such a go to. Here I have linked some of my favorites : Levi's, Moussy, JBrand, Madewell

8. Statement Earrings

Bold earrings used to be for night only, but now have graduated into many woman's daily wardrobes. They can be found at all price points and are a fun way to add a trend to an outfit without blowing your bank.

9. A Denim Jacket

I am obsessed with Denim! I love all fades of denim, shapes and the deconstruction of it. A denim jacket is a great piece that I carry with me often to throw over my shoulder for those chilly nights or when I freeze in the freezer isle of my local grocery store. I love the idea of a chic dressed up outfit with a torn rugged denim jacket over my shoulders. These can be found very inexpensive for those on budgets or even amazing vintage Levi's ones at thrift shops. My fave is this one from Madewell

10. White Button Down

Yes, I know, you have heard of this one many many times before. But have you ever thought of buying it oversized and wearing it belted as a dress? Or what about just oversized and half tucked in to a fitted jean? I often borrow one of my husbands and wear it to work belted under a great jacket. Everyone asks me where I got it, and I am always so proud to say "I'm not sure, I'll have to ask my husband". But a white button down is just another great essential to wear on it's own or layer it under a jacket.

Hat: Lack of Colour

Glasses : Barton Perreira

White Blouse: Rails

What is your must have essential that you can not live without?

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